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Welcome to the Official Pages of the Landštejn State Castle,
a cultural monument
under the care of the
National Institute for the Protection and Conservation of monuments and Sites, regional department
in České Budějovice
                       Landštejn State Castle     

Landštejn State CastleThe history of the castle is full of ambiguities and empty places, especially the time when the castle came into existence. Its development is not completely clear, and archeological research is still underway, who knows what it might discover next...
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Landstejn State CastleThe conception of two towers connected by a palace m
akes Landštejn Castle a unique complex of its type in Bohemia and is one of three preserved Romanesque castles in Bohemia, and one of the most significant Romanesque monuments in central Europe.                         
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Dear visitors,
Landštejn State Castle and its personal thank to all, who visited us in this season and we are looking forward to your visit next year 2013. 

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